I am an individual point of awareness, I call myself Maryka Malano and I am One with the Infinite Creator, as you are. We are all part of the same ocean, we just think that we are individuals, in the scheme of the Universe, we are all created in the image of God, the First Source, The Ultimate Logos (Love). If this is so, why do we we have different beliefs, values and opinions? We do becasue we are born into a world of free will and to which I may add, this is a replica of the original paradise, duplicated by sub-Gods. Who I am, is Infinite Awareness, experiencing a point of attention, which makes it appear as though I am separated, but I know that I am not, it is all in perception.  

Why am I a Minister for the Universal Life Church? That is very easy for me to explain. I was brought up in a Christian family and believed the church and everything they said, until one day, I realised that there are thousands of doctrines  and religions, all explaining the concept of God and what we should be believing in. Nowadays, I believe that everyone is right and that everyone has the free will to choose to express themselves and worship whoever they please. We are all children of the same Universal Creator, especially our Spirit, which expressed through our hearts brings us closer to Infinite Awareness. I really love the Universal Life Church and because it is a church without denomination or prejudice, it aligns with my spirituality and faith. 

I have worked in many mainstream jobs over the past 26 years, yes, I am in my mid 40's and I can say it has been one heck of a journey with many ups and downs and with the loss of my mum 16 years ago, I realised that none of us know when our time to depart is coming. I have had a few major deaths to deal with in my life. My mum, my cousin, who I was very close to, a close friend was killed all of a sudden, in a car accident and some other people in my life who have made an impact on me, my spiritual teacher, I spent a lot of time with, passed away a few years ago and not to mention a few gorgeous pets that I had close bonds with. I have experienced grief many times, but the one thing I know in my heart for sure, that this life is only a blink of an eye in the scheme of the Universe and when we are here for this short passage of time, it is important that we discover why we actually came here. 


A few years ago, I applied for a job in a funeral home, becasue I wanted to be able to be working with people in this tough time,  called "grief," death is something that is imminent, at this time, in our evolution as a species. We know, for sure that we are going to pass away, it is our final Rite of Passage, so to speak. I did not get the job, for various reasons so, here I am, Maryka Malano, Infinite Awareness having an individual experience, offering my services to those who wish to have a celebrant for a funeral or another rite of passage or life event listed, that is totally scripted individually to suit your individual self-expression, or to reflect the life of your dearly missed loved one/s. I am flexible in my approach and aim to give you the best service that you could imagine. 

I just want to note a couple of other important things about what I am able to do, I have studied Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy (Advanced), Neuro Lingusitcs (NLP), Reiki and Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Business Management. I am able to do love/ commitment and handfasting ceremonies, pagan and Druid/ Celtic style. Currently, I am studying a Diploma in Counselling with Advanced Majors in Grief and dealing with loss and when this is completed, I will seek recognition and certification with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). 

I have studied Rituals and Ceremonies through the Grey School of Wizardy in America and have to say, I am really excited about being able to create a ritual or ceremony for you. I am currently writing a book, called, "Expanding Minds," this is an educational/ philosophical book, which is due for release, in 2019 and the publishing company is Balboa Press, an associate arm of Hay House Books. I will keep you posted, however, for now, I will be writing short sermons, to use when I open a church in the near future, based on inter-denominational and spiritual philosophy and I will be keeping you updated on the progress. 

Thank you for taking the time to read part of my story, hopefully one day, I may have the opportunity to meet you in person. 

Many Bright Blessings.

Maryka Malano

AFFILIATIONS INCLUDE: The Global Sciences Foundation 

                                           The American Union of Neuro Linguistic Programming 

                                           The American Alliance of Hypnotists

                                           The Universal Life Church

                                           The Grey School of Wizardry 

                                           Temple of The Jedi Order

                                           Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia

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