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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Maryka Malano Spiritual Intervention services online. My website highlights the wide variety of services  available to you. Please feel free to read more about the services I can provide, I would love to greet you and share with you, the types of rituals and ceremonies that I can produce to suit your needs. 

Goddess Hekate, Queen of the Triple Crossroad. Goddess of the Light and the Dark. One of my allies. One of Hekate's Symbols below. 
  • Individual Rite of Passage custom designed for special rituals and ceremonies, including Halloween, Winter Solstice and Global Rites such as Jupiter Success and Juno wealth. 

  • I am able to conduct personal energy system cleansing ceremonies.

  • Zone Rites and land consecration.

  • Mojo (Gris Gris) Bags.

  • Spells & Pacts. 

  • Angelic Invocation (Summoning).

  • Rituals to Hekate, Santa Muerte, King Paimon, Lucifer, Ganesha and other Benevolent Spirits, Gods, Goddesses,  Energies, Planets, Angels, Eudemons and Nature Spirits, as a proxy

  • Voodoo Poppet Magick and Hoodoo Rootwork.

  • Daemon Magickal rites. 

  • Make concoctions and potions, including 4 Thieves Vinegar, Holy Oils and Anointing Oils. 

  • Sell a huge range of 100% Pure Essential Oils, plus blends for specific purpose, such as Meditation, Anointing and Holy Rituals. 

  • Consecration of special items and trinkets.

  • Make Malabeads, Prayer Beads & Rosaries of all kinds. 

  • Banishment Rituals.

  • Hex/ Curse Removals.

  • Entity Removals.

  • Soul Contract Revocation Ceremonies.

  • Removal of Energy/ Aetheric Implants.

  • Blessed Water.

  • Holy Water.

  • Solar / Lunar Water. 

  • Wand Creation.

  • Sigil Magick and charging. 

  • Specialist Magickal Funeral Services for people and pets, ashes scattered and rituals included. 

  • Pagan Handfasting and Handparting Ceremonies.

  • Boat Blessing & Naming Ceremonies

  • House Blessing & Naming Ceremonies. 

  • Many other Abilities, send me a message and ask, briefly describe your requirements and I will get back to you as quickly as possible

King Paimon, rules 200 legions, is my Guardian Daemon. KIng Paimon's Seal below in gold. 
La Santisima Muerte, Saint of Death, a beautiful Mother Figure, who blesses me with a Good life and eventually a peaceful death. 
Lord Ganesha, removes obstacles and assists with abundance. 
Wizardry Logo, denoting my commitment to wizardry and the path of freedom, discovering the truth and expansion. 
My Mission is ultimately to be aforce for good in the world. With this as my basic premis, everything else falls under this one statement. If you are interested in reading my mission and vison in full it is located on my other pages under Code of Ethics,  Life Coaching. 

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