Code of Ethics

I operate under various Codes of Ethics and Practice, because of the variety of services that I offer as a Life Coach / Counsellor, Celebrant and Spiritual Intervention Coach. To understand the nature of my practice you would need to view all areas in order to link the services and Codes together, with my mission. 

Under my Life Coach and Counselling, I refer to the Australian Counselling Association for Codes of Ethics and Practice and am in the application for membership process at the moment - Australian Counselling Association. 

Additionally, I refer to the - American Alliance of Hypnotists, where I am associated with Steve G Jones and did my traiing with him, he is a Clinical Psychologist, Dr and teacher.

Global Sciences Foundation trained under Dr Steve G Jones and Joe Vitale, Law of Attraction Practitioner Training. 

American Union of Neuro Linguistics - completed Neuro Linguistics Practitoner Traiing under Dr Steve G Jones, Clinical Psychologist and Teacher. 

Universal Life Church- I am a registered and ordained Minister, since 2013. 

Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia - I became a member in 2016.

Temple of the Jedi Order - member since 2016. 

Grey School of Wizardry - since 2015.

Working in accordance with the various Codes of Practice, means that I adhere to such ethics and morals, including; confidentiality, integrity, non-discrimination, veracity, fidelity, autonomy, loyalty, justice, equality and empathy. 

If you have any questions regarding my affiliations, please contat me for details. 



To be recognised as a symbol of excellence in the field of spiritual, personal & professional development. To do only what is right and good. 




  • Self development and the development of all individuals who seek my service.

  • Honesty and integrity at all times.

  • Innovation and continuous improvement.

  • The people I serve above all else.

  • My community.





My mission is to be recognised as leaders in the field of personal and professional development. To this end I am  committed to the responsible research, production and training of clients in the pursuit of excellence and continuous development in all aspects of business.


I recognise that unwavering honesty in all relationships and dealings with clients and the community at large, is of importance for achieving my stated goals.


My end aim is to provide my clients with unparalleled service by seeking to understand their needs and requirements and being proactive in supplying them with solutions satisfying to all parties.

In return I seek fair compensation for our work in order to maintain a sound financial base for the business to grow.


By complying with these operating principles, Maryka Malano Life Coaching Services will continue to grow and prosper into the future.


The information that you are reading on this website is not intended or implied to be suitable professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


All content including text, graphics, images & information contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only.


Please see a medical professional if you are suffering from mental illness or any other concerns whatsoever.


We do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, course of treatment or any other opinion relating to treatment options.  Services or products that you obtain through this website are for information purposes only and not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.


You should always use due diligence before buying goods and services from anyone via the internet or offline.

Maryka Malano

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